Gardening Journal – Entry 3

“The long-arm hedgecutter helps you cut taller plants, such as the Trachelospermum jasmioides we worked on that was climbing a tall structure. You can adjust the angle of the arm to help to reach tight spaces and avoid bending too much. I found it a lot more fiddly to work with that the usual hedgecutters I’ve used in the past. This was largely due to being smacked repeatedly in the face by a dangling carabina I couldn’t reach… “

Gardening Journal – Entry 2

“Just as the sun started bearing down on us, we worked on creating a new cricket pitch, as an end of season booking had been made. This involved marking out an area… again. I can confirm that it was way too hot to be remembering measurements and working out squares and square roots, but nonetheless, we persevered…”

Gardening Journal – Entry 1

“The machine we used to scarify the turf was a much older model of the one I’m used to. Between spewing out black smoke and flames from the exhaust (yes, actual flames) and its clippings collection box falling off at every turn, I felt myself missing our sleek scarifyer back at the depot!..”

Meet the gardener

“I decided to pursue horticulture after asking myself a simple question – what did I enjoy doing as a child? I loved being outdoors, running around the garden and climbing trees. I loved running my fingers through long grasses and watching the mangoes ripen on the stem, but never being able to reach them. I loved walking across school sports pitches early in the morning and seeing the dew collecting on the cuffs of my trousers. I especially loved feeling the textures of leaves, bark and flowers and ‘dissecting’ them to see their inner workings. Looking back, I realised I had always had a deep connection to plants and the outdoors; I just hadn’t recognised it as something I could pursue as a career…”